Tree Planting for World Environment Day

Join us this World Environment Day, Sunday, June 5, for tree planting on Lantau Island. We will be planting native trees on a Mui Wo hillside on the Mui Wo peninsula as part of an ecological restoration project. This hill will be planted with 40 different species of native trees and in time many birds, bats, butterflies and insects will come back to this area.

Hong Kong hillsides suffer from repeated vegetation fires, often caused by candles and incense left burning at gravesites during the bi-annual grave-sweeping festivals.

After fires, heavy rainfall washes away topsoil and creates huge eroded gullies and landslides and makes it very difficult for forests to grow back.

Hill fires are extremely destructive. They destroy the ecology, kill wild animals and their habitats and cause soil erosion that severely damages our rivers and estauries. In some cases too, hill fires threaten human property and life.

Time: If you are coming from Central take the 8.30am fast Ferry from Outlying Ferry Pier 6, From Mui Wo we will then take a Sampan at 9.15am outside China Bear over to the tree nursery site and then walk in to the tree-planting site.

Come prepared: wear hat, sunscreen/raincoat, shoes with good grip and bring at least 2 litres water each. Maybe a change of clothes for later and some snacks. We will finish at lunch-time and walk back to Mui Wo.

Contact us now to confirm your attendance Tel: 92774025

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