Ark Eden Summer Eco Programmes

Ark Eden Summer Programme

Here we go again!!!

Ark Eden’s second session of Summer Eco Programmes & Day Camps on Lantau Island for children 7years old and up begins August 4th.

Come along and join the fun!

Come for a day or come everyday.

Day 1 – Wednesday August 4th – We love this trip and every time it is different so we are going “Walking with Waterfalls.” with dogs, boogie boards, BBQ and everything again.  It is HOT so we will travel in swimming costumes with nets and jars, up the San Shek Wan stream bed, into every refreshingly cool rock-pool, spend a long time under waterfalls, picnic in the woods and then end up at Pui O beach. After jumping in the sea we will try to hang out with some crabs and buffaloes. A very wet sort of day.

Day 2: Thursday Aug 5thEco-warriors unite because today we are going to have a lot of fun but also MAKE A DIFERENCE on our “Green Dream Day”. We will hike with dogs (not too far and in the shade), bathe, barbeque (this time you need to make your own fire), be beach bums, play games and yes clean up a beach. We will return by sampan with all our treasures.

Day 3 – Friday Aug 6th – This day is going to be different. This is our Magic Tree House Day because guess what – we are going to start making a tree-house and it will need to be magic because we need to design a way the dogs can get in. Today we will learn lots of wood-working skills and yes – we will need to pick and cook our own lunch again – and yes we need to jump into the paddling pool.. a lot!

Day 4: Tuesday August 10th – We are going back to the Tai O Waterfalls yeahhh!!! Without question Lantau’s best natural swimming pools, we will spend the day having a simply wonderful watery time in crystal clear water. This time we will make a BBQ in the rocks but can someone remember to bring the marshmallows please?

Day 5: Wednesday Aug 11th- We are Going Bananas today!  Banana pancakes, banana milkshakes, banana face-packs, Banana Skipper butterfly life cycle, planting banana trees, making banana dye, banana flower curry, finding all the many creatures that live inside banana trees oooohhh, banana leaf art, banana games, banana art etc etc etc. After today you may never quite think of bananas in quite the same way

Day 6: Thursday August 12th – Today we are Island Hoppers! We take the ferry – dogs and all – to Cheung Chau and spend some time at beautiful Morning Beach playing water games and jumping off pontoons. Then our private sampan arrives to take us to Tai Long Wan where we will step off for lunch and to visit a fire-fly breeding place(!) and then its back on the boat to Mong Tung Wan – a secluded beach where we will  hike to Pui O (about half an hour), jumping in the sea there and head for home. We are really looking forward to this day!

Day 7 –Tuesday August 17th lets go Mui Wo Water-holing! Lets try not to dry off at all on this day – from water games at the beach, to rock-pooling and catching fish (but you have to put them back) at the waterfalls with time for a BBQ. Then up we climb for even more fun at the Mui Wo’s big rock-pool. Always a favourite for children and dogs alike!

Day 8: Wednesday August 18th – Is Ark Eden’s Arty Party and we are going to do all sorts of amazing art projects in nature. Our aim today will be to incorporate all we do into an incredible Ark Eden eco-art installation – which will also be an Arc installation. Naturally we will also throw in some rather arty cooking. We are looking forward to our grand finale day which will leave us with great memories, and a little piece of you that we can keep until we launch Ark Eden Eco-Camps 2011!


But STOP PRESS: Just when you thought the party was over was over …there’s another one!!

Day 9: Tuesday Aug 24th – This day is called Arty Party II as we love parties and not everyone was able to come to last weeks and so we hope everyone can come to this one. Also last time we were so busy covering ourselves in paint and making pizzas to look like the dogs (or our brothers and sisters) that we didn’t manage to do the great ‘Arc’– which is actually going to be a wonderful doorway for Charlie (the big fat pig) so we still want to put all our great wood-working and multi-media skills into that! This day will be full of ‘Art’ as never seen before – like painting a house  – and lots of GAMES and all of our favourite things.

Day 10 –Thursday August 26th lets go Mui Wo Water-holing! This REALLY is our very last day of the summer camps and we want to spend it in the place we like best – up to our necks in water. We will start off at the beach playing the games that we didn’t have time for last time – that will of course include the dogs and water. Then off to the Mui Wo waterfalls for a spot of gentle rock-pooling and catching fish (but you have to put them back) and the best BBQ yet. Then up we climb to the ‘secret’ waterfall for more fun at the Mui Wo’s big rock-pool. This is always a favourite for us, children and dogs alike!

For bookings and more information call 29848514 / 92774025 or email

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